COVID-19 CBAS services

The California Department of Aging has issued guidance about changes to Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) because of COVID-19.  CBAS centers have temporary flexibility to reduce day center activities and to provide services in the home, telephonically or by videoconference, including professional nursing care, personal care services, behavioral health services and therapeutic activities.  CBAS center may provide physical therapy and occupational therapy at the beneficiary’s home.

CBAS centers can provide for home-delivered meals in the absence of meals provided at CBAS centers, and may continue to provide transportation services.

Centers can provide individual in-center services such as individual meetings to receive services, indivuduals comont to the center to pick up supplies, meals, receive wound care assistance or receive assistance with a shower.  Participants assembling and receiving services in groups of more than one or being served in the same space at the same time is prohibited.  (All Center Letter 20-06, March 27, 2020.)