Foster Care infant supplement payment eligibility

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued a clarification regarding infant supplement eligibility.  The infant supplement is an additional payment tied to AFDC-Foster Care, KIN-Gap and Approved Relative Caregiver (ARC) programs for children of parenting foster youth who live with their parent in foster care setting.  Several other categories of parenting youth who are living with their non-dependent child are also eligible including youth under delinquency jurisdiction who are living in foster care, non-minor dependents in Extended Foster Care, and youth in non-related legal guardianships who are receiving AFDC-FC. All eligible teens and non-minor dependents must be regularly screened for current or impending parenthood.

An infant supplement payment is given to the youth’s caregiver.  Non-minor dependents living in a Supervised Independent Living Placement receive their payment directly.  Infant supplements are to be used only for the care and supervision of the child of the eligible parent.  The supplement is paid on behalf of the parent who has primary physical custody of the child.  (ACIN I-10-20, February 7, 2020.)