Semi-Annual reporting and adding both a newborn and second parent

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued a clarification to mid-period reporting rules for adding a newborn and second parent to an existing pregnant person only CalWORKs case.  The newborn and the second parent are treated separately.  Different analysis may be needed to determine how each would affect the CalWORKs grant for the existing Assistance Unit (AU).  The second parent and the newborn may be added to the pregnant person only case separately to maximize aid.

In general, when the AU voluntarily reports a new person in the home mid-period, that person is added to the AU mid-period if benefits would increase, but is not added to the AU until the first day of the next Semi-Annual Reporting period if benefits will decrease.  This rule applies to both newborns and second parents.

When the newborn reported and the second parent moves into the home, the county first evaluates whether adding the newborn will increase aid, and if so adds the newborn to the AU.  The county then evaluates whether adding the second parent will increase aid, aid if so adds the the second parent to the AU.  If either addition to the AU would cause a decrease in aid, the addition does not occur until the first day of the AU’s next semi-annual reporting period.

When the second parent is living in the home at the time the pregnant person applies for aid, the application includes the second parent but the second parent is an excluded member of the AU until the child is born.  The second parent’s income is considered in determining financial eligibility, and the second parent is subject the requirement to report increases in income that are more than the income reporting threshold.  However, even when the second parent was living in the home at the time the pregnant person applied for aid, the county determines whether adding the newborn increases or decreases aid and acts accordingly.  The county then separately determines whether adding the second parent to the AU will increase or decrease aid and acts accordingly.  (ACIN I-16-20, February 24, 2020.)