CalWORKs Family Stabilization for baby formula

In light of the shortage and increase in price of baby formula, the California Department of Social Services encourages counties to use the CalWORKs Family Stabilization program to help CalWORKs Welfare-To-Work (WTW) participants to obtain or cover costs related to baby formula.

CalWORKs WTW clients are eligible to participate in Family Stabilization when county determines that the family is experiencing an identified situation and/or crisis that is destabilizing the family. This includes families that are struggling to feed their children because they cannot obtain formula or are having difficulty affording baby formula.

CalWORKs recipients who are exempt from WTW are also eligible to participate in Family Stabilization if the county determines that Family Stabilization will enable future WTW participation.  (ACWDL, June 3, 2022, and errata ACWDL, August 2, 2022.)